Department of Behavioral and Health Sciences

The mission of the Department of Behavioral and Health Sciences is to convey the knowledge and practical training of students in order to increase the bio-psycho-social well-being of the individual. The Department offers 4 programs including: Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Social Work, 2-year Professional Program "Operator and Counselor in Health Care" and the second cycle program, Master of Science in School Psychology and Development. Study programs fully respond to market needs, training mental health, social care and healthcare professionals who are fully capable of meeting the challenges of the profession. The work of the department is deeply focused on scientific research by supporting and consolidating the research work of staff and students, as well as involvement in application projects. The department has built a wide network of partnerships with public and private institutions for the implementation of teaching practices, so as students can gradually integrate into the labor market. Finally, an important and inseparable part of the functioning of the department are the numerous activities, including open lectures, extracurricular activities, activities within the psychology student club, trainings within the Academy of Welfare, Health and Sports, etc.

The programs of the first cycle of Bachelor studies last 3 academic years, with a load of 180 credits. The integrated programs are 300 * or 360 * credits and the normal duration is 5 or 6 academic years.

Master of Science

The programs in the second cycle of Master of Science studies last 2 academic years with a load of 120 credits.

Professional Master

The programs in the second cycle of Professional Master studies last 1 or 2 academic years with a load of 60 or 120 credits.

Professional Diploma

Professional programs are up to 2 academic years after upper secondary education, with a load of up to 120 credits.

* : 5-year integrated program "Master of Science"

** : Program that will be activated soon