Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation

Tourism and interconnected industries are the engines for sustainable economic, social and cultural development. The Applied Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation, closely related to the labor market, offers study programs that aim to equip young professionals with professional skills and practical knowledge that help tour operators and travelers. The centers and institutes provide support, services and consulting for enterprises in the tourism services sector. We also support the development of destinations and tourist offer.

The mission of the Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation is to create a multidisciplinary, applied and innovative department, where theories and practices are intertwined with research and ongoing training on services in the tourism industry and related sectors. The pillars that the department relies on are:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate studies
  • Applied Research and Innovation
  • Professional courses and certifications
  • Services for the Tourism Industry
  • Initiative and StartUp
  • Programs and Projects
  • Partnerships and Collaborations

Purpose: To prepare professionals, managers and specialists to respond to the market demands of the tourism industry and related sectors; research and scientific expertise (design and implementation of research and scientific projects in the field of tourism); consultancy for start-ups of tourism businesses and related sectors; training and certification in specific specialties of tourism, hospitality and services.

Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world, with a large number of people traveling more than ever before. This global demand has resulted in a major development in infrastructure such as resorts, hotels, resorts, attractions, restaurants, and related businesses that cater to the wider tourism, recreation, and events industry. With such an increase, there is a major need for professional training of human resources to meet the needs of the tourism industry and related sectors.

The Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation (DTMR) is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Tourism and Sports. DTMR offers study programs in the field of tourism, hospitality and services of tourism (hotel), recreation and events, creating fields of study in accordance with the new needs of Albanian society, existing conditions and prospects for the development of the country and globalization in general. In addition to the academic offer, the department promotes the interaction of the tourism industry with other related sectors such as sports and adventure, culture and art, business services, health and well-being, technologies, etc.


The programs of the first cycle of Bachelor studies last 3 academic years, with a load of 180 credits. The integrated programs are 300 * or 360 * credits and the normal duration is 5 or 6 academic years.

Master of Science

The programs in the second cycle of Master of Science studies last 2 academic years with a load of 120 credits.

Professional Master

The programs in the second cycle of Professional Master studies last 1 or 2 academic years with a load of 60 or 120 credits.

Professional Diploma

Professional programs are up to 2 academic years after upper secondary education, with a load of up to 120 credits.

* : 5-year integrated program "Master of Science"

** : Program that will be activated soon


Certification and standardization is recognized in the field of tourism, as the only way to prevent environmental damage, the development of sustainable tourism and the preservation and protection of life. Certification can be described as the process of assuring the industry and consumers which makes sure that the rated company has met a set of minimum standards. In the framework of European Standards for the development of sustainable tourism, Albania can have a certification of the tourist services offered. Some of these certifications offered by the Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation in collaboration with established partnerships include:

Research is an added value of the department, turning it into a center of research and development of the tourism industry. Drafting plans for the development of a sustainable tourism, tourism management plans, professional consulting, project implementation and organization of scientific events by the department, are some of the objectives of the department, which demonstrate its applicative side.

  • Scientific research projects in the field of tourism, recreation, hospitality, events, etc .;
  • Research in the tourism industry in the framework of student diploma thesis;
  • Research expertise of the Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreationstaff;
  • Scientific activities (seminars / conferences / workshops)


The dynamism that characterizes the development of the tourism industry and those related to it,ask for an integrated interaction between businesses, academies, universities, etc. Strengthening or increasing / starting up of tourism capacities needs constant consulting and advice, providing the absorption of the latest innovations in the tourism industry. On the other hand, they need qualified staff, which comes to the aid of the human capacities that the department offers from graduate professionals as well as from courses / certifications and continuous training, etc. The Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation in cooperation with the partners with whom it cooperates, offers a range of services in the field of tourism such as:


Meeting the market demands and providing services in the tourism industry, this department in cooperation with the partners with which it operates has undertaken a series of initiatives and StartUp in the field of tourism and related sectors such as:


DTMR cooperation with partners operating in research and projects is engaged in a number of national and international projects, where the department provides scientific research expertise and technical assistance provided by the interaction with tourism students. Some of the projects where DTMR is involved are:


Partnership and cooperation are the focus of DTMR. To achieve the goal and the vision of the department, it has a wide and fruitful cooperation with NGOs operating in the field of tourism and related sectors, Tourism Academy, Travel Agencies, hotels, resorts and other supporting structures of tourismsector. Some of the partners and collaborations created with them are: