About the faculty

The Faculty of Social Sciences, Tourism and Sports (FSHSTS), is a major new unit of Barleti University. Its creation reflects the University's tendency to the relatively new directions of academic activity and the adaptation of UniBa’s activity to the contemporary trend of organizing and interacting with a core unit that combine and interact, covering the increasingly obvious needs of modern society.In this context,it aims to materialize and concretize the new trend of interests of society in an academic structure to gradually meet all the necessary parameters to provide quality and applied degrees in the labor market, in those areas that are designed to be even more important for society in the future.
Training of skilled professionals and innovative individuals who will compete in a Challenging Ecosystem and at the same time together, evolve into a dynamic reality in continuous development.
Welfare, Education, Sport and Tourism build healthier ecosystems, more skilled workforce, intelligent professionals, satisfied visitors, happy citizens and safe communities throughout the Region.
A full-time and efficient employment awaits graduates in these fields cultivated by the Faculty; career, for these specialties, is related to the success of applying knowledge in daily life, providing a climbing economic prosperity for the employees of these programs. Employment insurance is as much related to the public sector and the employment needs in it. So is the productivity of an entrepreneurial activity with the knowledge acquired in this way.
This department aims at designing and implementing modern and applied curricula in all its components. At the core of this process is the strategy of adapting these degrees to current needs and, especially, with the perspective of tourism development, physical recreational and elite sports activity, social aspects and related professions. This requires a continuous knowledge, study and analysis of the reality, development trends, labor market and perspective of the evolution of Albanian society and that of other countries.

Study programs

The faculty has up to date study programs andoffers diplomas proving high and special professional skills in various fields of physical education and sports activities. In addition to valuable diplomas in areas of social interest, such as Psychology and Social Work, it outlines a good background in the behavioral sciences and opening further horizons for the medical sciences in the future. Closely related to these formations, the modern aspects of training of contemporary experts and managers of tourism and public recreation are among the most successful in the country.


The programs of the first cycle of Bachelor studies last 3 academic years, with a load of 180 credits. The integrated programs are 300 * or 360 * credits and the normal duration is 5 or 6 academic years.

Master of Science

The programs in the second cycle of Master of Science studies last 2 academic years with a load of 120 credits.

* : 5-year integrated program "Master of Science"

** : Program that will be activated soon

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