Department of Physical Education and Sports

DEFS is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Tourism and Sports. It has a close connection and relationship with other Departments of this Faculty. On the other hand, the extracurricular sport activities of DEFS are open to all students of "Barleti", in order to enrich student life with sports, tourism and physical activity.

DEFS aims to be affirmed in the national frame of Physical Education and Sports as a quality institution. It has as a general vision the fulfillment of our objective to prepare senior specialists of Physical Education and Sports, with modern knowledge and professional skills, capable to face and gain the current and future challenges of the profession of Physical Education teacher, sports coach, fitness and recreation instructor, in Albania and abroad.

In a sector with intensive expansion such as sports, the demand of the national and international market is a very good opportunity to develop a modern, applied and quality curriculum. DEFS's commitment is to offer a polyvalent degree which enables simultaneous employment in very interesting activities that include education, recreation, health welfare and tourism for people of all ages.

DEFS has as strategic objectives some essential directions:

1. Improving the curriculum of bachelor and master studies to turn it into the highest quality curriculum in Albania. This means changing it to create a dynamic alignment with the trend of sports development in Albania and abroad. This objective will be achieved by analyzing and studying our experience and the contemporary one in this area. At the same time, the aim is to improve syllabi, programs and all other elements of teaching at all its levels.

2. Increasing the presence and direct contribution of " Barleti" in Albanian Sport by organizing and supporting the development of sport as part of extracurricular and curricular activity of students. The objective remains the creation of new teams and the consolidation of existing ones and quality participation in the National Championships of the Albanian Sports Federations. At the same time, the activation of students in the activities of the Albanian Federation of University Sports.

3. Publication of textbooks for all subjects that are part of the programs of the department.

4. The most effective connection of studies of physical education and sports with direct sports practice, emphasizing the applied aspect of DEFS academic activity. For this purpose, the establishment of institutional relations with as many actors and factors of the National Sports System remains a strategic objective.

Departamenti i Edukimit Fizik dhe Sporteve

Study programs

The Department of Physical Education and Sports comes with four study programs:


The programs of the first cycle of Bachelor studies last 3 academic years, with a load of 180 credits. The integrated programs are 300 * or 360 * credits and the normal duration is 5 or 6 academic years.

Master of Science

The programs in the second cycle of Master of Science studies last 2 academic years with a load of 120 credits.

Professional Master

The programs in the second cycle of Professional Master studies last 1 or 2 academic years with a load of 60 or 120 credits.

Professional Diploma

Professional programs are up to 2 academic years after upper secondary education, with a load of up to 120 credits.

* : 5-year integrated program "Master of Science"

** : Program that will be activated soon

DEFS has set as objectives:

  • 1. The study of the impact of physical activity on the health of exercisers of all ages, aiming to highlight the importance and values ​​that this activity has for the population.
  • 2. The study of elite sport in its technical, tactical, organizational, financial and legal components.
  • 3. Design of modern syllabi and reshaping lectures in each subject of bachelor and master curricula.
  • 4. Approximation of our curriculum with the real needs of the physical education and sports market. This complex process requires a serious and constant study and observation.
  • 5. Barleti transformation into a laboratory where the latest research in sports and physical activity are applied.


This remains a constant objective of DEFS activity. Involvement of students in decision-making, activating their own arrangements is the essential element of achieving this objective. Sports students have chosen the leaders of each group, who organize work and activities autonomously. Some aspects of DEFS work in this regard are:


In meeting the market demands and providing services in the sports industry, DEFS in cooperation with the partners with which it operates has undertaken a series of initiatives and StartUp in the field of sports and related sectors such as: